Mountain Bike Out of The Box – Completed


In this film Iran’s youth will show you that there is another Iran – far away from the Axis of Evil and nuclear politics.

MOUNTAIN BIKE Out of The Box IRAN is a mix of bike action movie, documentary and portrait. Unexpected. Authentic. Beyond the mainstream. Come join us on the road with Iran’s downhill elite!

Shot in 2013 and 2014 in northern Iran, Mountain Bike Out of The Box IRAN is a mountain bike film about an exciting road trip with some extraordinary protagonists. We visit Hossein Zanjanian, Iran’s best downhill rider in the mega-city of Tehran and accompany him and his friends to some of the best mountain bike locations in Iran.

We will see crazy bike action on the crowded streets of Tehran… …technical trails in the enormous mountains around the capital. Dry high-speed trails in the west near Qazvin……as well as lushes green jungles in the north near Behshahr where a Downhill race hosted by the Iranian cycling federation will lead to the climax of the film. Beside the bike-action we visit Hossein at home and at his workplace in the impoverished south of Tehran,… …meet the best Iranian BMX rider at an amazing state-of-the art skate park in the middle of Theran,… … and tried the extraordinary traditional breakfast kale pache (with a pinch of cinnamon).

All in all the viewer will get a unique, unbiased and authentic view of the Iranian mountain bike scene and youth culture. You don’t necessarily have to be a mountain bike rider to like this film!

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A Tale of Two Rivers – Completed


Two filmmakers follow wilderness rivers through Iran and Patagonia. The unexpected stories they find couldn’t be more timely.

Their story
We’re adventure filmmakers Tom Allen and Leon McCarron. With your help, this campaign will fund two exciting new films for release this year.

Each of these films will go beyond the journey itself, telling unique and compelling stories of the places we visited and the people we found there.

Because adventure isn’t just about adrenaline, heroics and stunning landscapes in far-flung lands. In truth, adventurous journeys have the ability to dig much deeper, unearthing untold stories about the world we all share.

We’re raring to go – we’ve made the journeys and shot the footage. This campaign is about raising funds for post-production.

Source To Sea Along Iran’s Longest River

Last spring we set out to explore a broad slice of culture and geography of Iran by following the country’s longest river, the Karun, from source to sea.

What we found was a country markedly different to the one so often portrayed in Western media. It’s vital that we seek to understand each other and to fight the growing amount of bigotry and hatred towards the cultures of this part of the world. That’s what had drawn us to the country in the first place.

Yet we also discovered that filming and travelling in Iran presented its own challenges, causing us to question many of the values we took for granted. This, in many ways, represented the biggest lesson of the journey, and one of the central themes of the story we found in this stunning, misunderstood nation.

Then we set out on a second river-based journey, this time on horseback. Once again we had a clear aim in mind: to follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin’s failed 1834 expedition up the River Santa Cruz in southern Patagonia.

And, once again our expectations were foiled. We already knew that the river was in imminent peril, with two mega-dams slated to be built in the coming years. But we hadn’t understood the political complexities of what was happening. The plot thickened, and the story became one of power, money and corruption – and of what natural wonders stand to be lost as a result.

We’re both adventurers at heart. So you won’t be surprised to hear that we approached these journeys in a rough and ready fashion, with all the unexpected challenges and dramas that self-sufficient outdoor travel entails. If you’re an adventure lover, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’ll be plenty of that in both films.

But these stories will also go beyond adventure for its own sake, and probe some the biggest questions of today’s global society – cross-cultural understanding, environment versus progress, and the very nature of freedom itself.

Afro Iran – Completed


A photo book by photographer Mahdi Ehsaei depicting the little known minority of Afro-Iranians in South Iran in fascinating portraits.

Afro-Iran shows a side of Iran, which is widely unknown even to Iranians: a minority of people who influenced the culture of a whole region by continuing their African heritage with their clothing style, their music, their dance and their oral traditions and rituals. I set out to the Hormozgan Province in the Persian Gulf to shed some light on this part of Iran, which is home to the descendants of enslaved people and traders from Africa.
The traditional and historical region with one of Iran’s most ethnically diverse populations is framed with unique landscapes. The photo book shows fascinating portraits which are not typical for the common picture of Iran. ‘Afro-Iran’ reveals details documenting a centuries-long history of a community, which is often overlooked in Iran’s history, but which has even shaped the culture in Southern Iran.

Starters inspiration
The work of this book is inspired by the Russian-Iranian photographer Antoin Sevruguin. He was one of the first photographers and only artists who captured the demographic and ethnic groups which lived in Iran, and visually documented the diverse population of Iran for the first time. Sevruguin decided to create his own survey of the people, landscape, and architecture of Iran. Sevruguin’s work shows how much potential ethnographical photography can have in order to understand a population better, even after more than 100 years.
That was the moment when I decided to work on the topic of Afro-Iranians. My inspiration strengthened me more to document the widely unknown minority. A photo series which shows a firsthand account of the current presence of the often overlooked Afro-Iranians for the first time.

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