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"The Portable Support Tool for Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw" can also be used with other hand-held operating equipment

The Portable Support Tool for Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw is an innovative spring-loaded pulley system designed to ease the lifting, handling and use of heavy hand-held operating equipment such as gas hedge trimmers and pole chainsaws.

 With its harness, this product reduces 95% of the weight of gas hedge trimmers and pole chainsaws from the operator's shoulders and arms and distributes that weight to his/her whole body. 

 This product can also be used to help carry the weight of materials during lifting, loading, or unloading such as concrete saws, construction shovels and snow shovels. Currently there are no similar products in the market, and I have received a patent for creating it. 

I am the owner and operator of Tree and Shrub Insect Services, serving the Ottawa area for the past 18 years.  From that vantage point I can attest to the usefulness and necessity of this product.  Our operators make extensive use of hedge trimmers and chainsaws. The Portable Support Tool for Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw is the best available option to minimize problems such as arm and shoulder pain/injuries that naturally result from this type of work.

I have completed a limited production run and am capable of expanding inventory on short notice. Please contact me in obtaining a quantity for onward sale!


Q: What is the strength capability of the rope extending from the pulley and attaching to the device?

A: The break capability of the rope used in the model for the purpose of lifting and handling Gas Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw is 736 lbs.  The break capability of the rope used in the model for the purpose of lifting 12 lbs of weight is 473 lbs.


Q: Can you change the look of the Portable Tool Balancer?

A: I have designed the Portable Tool Balancer to accurately reduce the weight of devices.  Therefore, the main goal is to reduce the weight pressure (torque) placed on the worker’s body.


Q: The device lacks commercial look.

A: I have employed custom-made, waterproof material to protect the harness from rain and to keep the weight of the device light. Also, the use of such material in the harness will protect the body from perspiration, in the summer.


Q: Is the device safe on the ladder?

A: The design employed in the Portable Tool Balancer achieves the goal of distributing the weight of the device along with the body weight to the Pulley (centre of the body) and then to the worker’s lower torso or hip. Therefore, 80% of the weight of the device is transferred to the hip.  But, every user will need to exercise caution when using this device. For more information, please refer to the 5th video on this website, explaining about torque and the physical capability of the device.



Videos demonstrating the use of Portable Support Tool Balancer are now available